MoguCera C Disc

CoCr hard metal milling with the Ceramill Matik

With the introduction of the Ceramill Matik, Amann Girrbach offers a milling machine for processing hard metal CoCr blanks. We recommend the exclusive use of CoCr blanks validated by Amann Girrbach with the Ceramill Matik, as the MoguCera C Disc from Scheftner Dental was tested and validated on the Ceramill Matik. This ensures a safe process and consistently good results when using the hard metal CoCr blank. The product characteristics of the MoguCera C Disc are virtually identical to those of Ceramill Sintron. This ensures a known and safe process for the further processing of the MoguCera C Disc. Due to the excellent metal-ceramic bond, the MoguCera C Disc can also be used for frames for subsequent ceramic veneering.

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